Geppetto is a web based platform made to empower you to explore, visualize and simulate complex biological models such as a cell or even a whole brain.

Geppetto’s goal is to make it easy to work in an integrated fashion with different types of data, whether they come from a simulation, an experiment or a clinical study.

Since Geppetto is a web application users don’t need to install it in order to use it, however private and local deployments are also possible.

A demo deployment of the latest release of Geppetto is available here while the binaries are available to download here.

The documentation is split into two main sections: a guide to help you learn how to use Geppetto and the developers documentation to learn how Geppetto is engineered and how to contribute to it.



Geppetto is open source, released under the MIT license.

Geppetto is currently used and contributed to by the following groups:

The following is a list of the websites currently using a custom deployment of Geppetto available on the web:

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You can reach out to us at info@geppetto.org.

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Screenshot 1 - Visualization of the drosophila fly brain superposing anatomy and segmented neurons (Model source Virtual Fly Brain )


Screenshot 2 - Simulation using NEURON of a model of the Auditory Cortex from David Beeman, University of Colorado (Model source Open Source Brain )


Screenshot 3 - Simulation of a single compartment Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal model in NeuroML (Model source Open Source Brain )


Screenshot 4 - Simulation of a network of single compartment neurons for the C.elegans built by the OpenWorm project.


Screenshot 5 - Visualisation of a Purkinje cell in NeuroML from Open Source Brain


Screenshot 6 - Visualisation of the realistic morphology of a Ganglion cell reconstructed using EyeWire.