Geppetto is a web based platform to build neuroscience applications that let the user explore, visualize and simulate neuroscience data and models such as a cell or even a whole brain.

A demo application using latest release of Geppetto is available here while the binaries are available to download here. The documentation is split into two main sections: a guide to help you learn how to use Geppetto based applications and the developers documentation, to learn how to build applications based on Geppetto and how to contribute to it.

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If you have any problems you can write in the Slack Geppetto Channel (email info@geppetto.org to get an invitation), we’ll be happy to help you!


Geppetto is open source, released under the MIT license.

The following is a list of applications built using Geppetto:

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You can reach out to us at info@geppetto.org.

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Screenshot 1 - Visualization of the drosophila fly brain superposing anatomy and segmented neurons (Model source Virtual Fly Brain )


Screenshot 2 - Simulation using NEURON of a model of the Auditory Cortex from David Beeman, University of Colorado (Model source Open Source Brain )


Screenshot 3 - Simulation of a single compartment Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal model in NeuroML (Model source Open Source Brain )


Screenshot 4 - Simulation of a network of single compartment neurons for the C.elegans built by the OpenWorm project.


Screenshot 5 - Visualisation of a Purkinje cell in NeuroML from Open Source Brain


Screenshot 6 - Visualisation of the realistic morphology of a Ganglion cell reconstructed using EyeWire.