Running an Experiment

Note: Running simulations is only possible in Geppetto deployments that support this functionality.

Once you are happy with what variables you will record and your experiment parameters, you can run the experiment. The Run button in the upper bar should be available to you. When you click it, the status of the experiment will change to show you both that it is queued for running and that it is completed. The image below shows playback results from a completed experiment.


Once your experiment is finished, you can use the Play button to plot all the recorded variables that have been simulated.


If you want to plot a specific variable that you recorded you will be able to do so using the search bar to look for that variable and using the “Plot” icon. The list of all the variables recorded in a given experiment is available clicking on the “Recorded variables” link in the Experiment table.


Clicking on the Results button at the top of the screen will let you rapidly access some default actions, including the ability to see the cells for which you recorded the membrane potential spiking!